Monday, 10 December 2018

Data Capture From Third-Party Websites, Emails and Excel Documents

Do you currently receive jobs from work-providers such as (but obviously not limited to) Howdens, RepairCare, ServicePower, Samsung etc...?

Are you currently manually keying in this information to create new clients/jobs within Mercury Systems…?

Takes awhile, doesn’t it?

With the latest version of Mercury Systems (version 283J and higher), you can now easily set up permanent re-usable templates to ‘scrape’ client and job information from third-party websites and emails such as those listed above.  Looking at the screenshot below, all you need to do is copy/paste the website text into the large box on the left side, select the template to use and click ‘Import Data’.  Check that the values being extracted from the data are correct (you can make changes to the values by typing into the relevant line).  Then click ‘Create New Job Using These Values’ and the client/job records will be created within Mercury.  The new job will be automatically linked to the invoice-client.

The whole process takes only moments, and should save you a lot of time if you are currently keying in the data by hand.

It's also possible to import Excel data in the same way – if your work-providers send you Excel documents containing rows of clients/jobs, you can now set up an Excel template within Mercury to read this information and create multiple client/job records.