Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Help Forms

You can now associate customised help documents against specific forms within Mercury Systems, to assist staff with learning and using the system.

Help documents can created be in any format, e.g. Word, PDF, Notepad, etc.  Once you create a help document for a specific form (e.g. Job Details), and save it within a folder on your main server/computer, simply click on the Help menu bar within Mercury Systems, then click the file search icon alongside the correct form and locate the help document previously saved.

When you next open a Mercury Systems form with an associated help file, a small help icon will be displayed in the top-right corner of the form.  Clicking on the help icon will load the file.

Improved Map Marker Form

Originally, the Map Markers form used to only show engineer jobs currently selected within the Diary.  This meant that the Diary had be remain open when viewing map markers.

Now, the Map Markers form can be used independently of the diary, allowing you to choose which engineers and date to view.

Within Staff Member's maintenance, you can now select a specific marker pin colour for each engineer (previously, the system would choose a random marker pin colour for each engineer).

You can also set a specific marker pin colour to represent different status codes/descriptions.  Jobs matching those status descriptions can also be displayed on the Map Markers form.

For example if you have a status description called 'Parts Awaiting Fitting', you can now show these jobs as separate markers on the Map Markers form, alongside the selected engineers.  This may allow you to divert a nearby engineer to a job awaiting a parts fitting, thus saving a specific visit.