Thursday, 24 April 2014

SMS Texting from Mercury Systems...

In addition to and, you can now choose to use when sending SMS messages through Mercury Systems (you must be on version 205 or higher).

A new customer has reported they are currently cheaper than the other two providers – approx. 3.7p compared to 5.54p from BulkSMS and 6.25p from Kapow, so if you send a lot of SMS messages using Mercury Systems, it may be worth checking them out. Their website:

In addition, a current promotion is offering to double your purchased credits (so if you buy 1,000 credits, you get 2,000 etc…). Credit packs do not expire.

If you sign up, don’t forget to Google “textmarketer promotion code” first to see if there are free credits to be had. Recently, you could get up to 250 free credits by keying in the promotion code of “GOOGL1” (give this a try), but the offers are changing all the time.

(P.S: If you have credits still to use up with Kapow or BulkSMS, set up the new account with TextMarketer and we can switch Mercury Systems to use the new provider at any time)