Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Upcoming Maintenance...

To all Mercury Mobile Engineer App users
To all Mercury ServiceWeb users

This coming weekend, both ‘Mercury ServiceWeb’ and the ‘Mercury Mobile Engineer App’ will be unavailable from 6pm Saturday until late Sunday due to server maintenance.

Any jobs you may have amended on the Mercury Mobile Engineer App should be synchronised with the server before 6pm on Saturday.

Hatchgate has purchased a new UK-based super-fast server that will give improved performance for all clients and engineers using both ServiceWeb and the Mercury Mobile Engineer App.  The new server has more memory, disk space, a faster processor with more processor cores, and virtually unlimited bandwidth.  The hard drives are now solid-state instead of conventional mechanical spinning drives, and all of this means the new server can read and write data (and therefore respond to user requests) much faster than the current server that you are connecting to.  Being sited within the UK, it will be more local to you instead of the current server which is based in the United States, and this will also improve speed.

In addition to the down-time, the change of server means that Mercury Systems, Mercury Background Tasks and the Mercury Software Update utility may need updating.  I will do this for you over the weekend if you leave your server / primary pc machines switched on.  Any server / primary pc machines switched off over the weekend may need to be updated next week before Mercury ServiceWeb and the Mercury Mobile Engineer App can be used.

Please contact me if you have any questions.