Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Mercury Mobile Engineer App Changes

I have updated Mercury Mobile Engineer (MME) App to allow entry of a customer’s printed name alongside the customer’s signature.  In addition ,the green ‘Complete Job’ button has been renamed ‘Action Job’, and this now leads to a sub-menu of options.  The ‘Complete Job’ button still exists, however now you can also ‘Action’ a job so that it is marked as done within your engineer’s device, but this will not change the status of the job on the server.  The diary now contains an ‘Act?’ (Actioned) column in addition to the ‘Com?’ (Completed) column.  There are also new fields to record the arrival and departure times for each job.

Consequently, Mercury Systems and Mercury Background Tasks has been updated – Mercury Systems version 249 is now available.  Some customers have already been updated so if any workstations are still in Mercury Systems please close and re-open the software.  If your main server/pc is still using an earlier version, please update as soon as possible.

Any other issues or feedback please let me know.