Friday, 28 March 2014


I am sure you will agree that the data within your service management and stock control system is an extremely important part of your business.

Although I set up and monitor the internal backup of your SQL databases (which are then stored on your main pc / server), the archiving of this data to an external, off-site location has always been down to you. There is a saying in the IT industry that data isn’t considered backed up unless it is stored in at least 3 separate locations. And if you keep your external USB drive or flash key next to your pc / server, this is NOT CONSIDERED SAFE, as a fire or theft will likely claim this as well. You must either use a cloud-based backup location, or take your USB drive / flash key home (rotating them on a daily or weekly basis).


If you haven’t yet subscribed to an in-the-cloud storage solution for your Mercury Systems databases, or if you’re not confident that the external backups to your USB drives or flash keys are being performed correctly, OR IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANY BACKUPS AT ALL, then why not consider using my new fully automatic utility to backup of all your databases, customized reports and system files each night to a private location on my secure web server.

As I am able to check the status of the external backup, I can take the appropriate action in case of any problems meaning you don’t need to worry.

I am deliberately keeping the cost for this new service as low as possible to ensure you can all benefit …only £4.50 per month (just £54 per year).

If this is of interest, please contact Hatchgate Software today.