Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Colour coding automatic status assignments…

Some of you already assign colours to job status descriptions so that jobs can display a different colour according to their current status.

A new feature within Mercury Systems (build version 172 and higher) allows you to also assign colour to automatic status descriptions (e.g. Job created; Job assigned to…; Job moved to…;  Job deleted from…).

How to set this up – Using any code you like, add the following status descriptions within F8 Status Codes Maintenance (these entries are case-sensitive so enter them exactly as below, without quotations):-

“Job created”
“Job assigned to”
“Job moved to”
“Job deleted from”

(Note the capital ‘J’, the rest is lower case).

For each new entry, assign a colour in the usual way (do not tick any boxes); click New/update to save the colour setting.

Once your system has been updated to at least version 172, the new colour assignments will begin to work.