Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Changes to reports screens…

I have added some new features within the reports screen for both Mercury Service Manager and Mercury Stock Manager, available in build version 170 and higher.

New Feature #1
There is a new tab called ‘Primary Reports’ (in addition to the usual General Reports, Admin Reports and Library).  Within this tab, you can add all of your favourite reports so that they are easily found.  Simply select a report that you use often, click the ‘Edit Report Settings’ button, and change the Report Category to ‘Primary’, then hit the save button.  Repeat this for all reports you wish to re-assign.  Note that the Primary tab will be appear empty until you populate it.

New Feature #2
Since there are over 80 standard reports, you can now hide the reports you do not use.  Using the ‘Select’ column, tick all reports that are not needed and click on the ‘More’ button, followed by ‘Mark Reports As Hidden’.  Similarly, you can reverse this and make hidden reports visible again by selecting one of the other options within the ‘More’ button.

Changes made with these two new features affect all users.

Please contact me if you wish to be upgraded to this latest version.