Friday, 7 December 2012

Check “Mercury Background Tasks” Is Running

This utility is installed either on your server console, or on your main pc which holds the service/stock databases (i.e. not on the client pc’s), and when running the ‘Mercury’ icon (grey/black circle within a black square) is displayed down near the time in the system tray area.

It is very important that you periodically check to see whether the utility is running correctly as it is responsible for – among other things – the backup of your service and stock SQL databases.  Double-click the icon to display the information panel, and check that the screen does not list dozens of ‘Unable to start task…’ messages, which can occasionally happen.  If it does display these messages, or the icon cannot be found down near the system tray, follow the instruction below to restart the utility.
  • To terminate the utility if it is stuck:  Right-click the icon and select ‘Exit’.
  • To start or restart Mercury Background Tasks utility:  Click START -> ALL PROGRAMS -> STARTUP and select Mercury Background Tasks.  Once the utility panel is displayed, you can minimize or close the utility screen (which will still run in background).

Mercury Background Tasks is vital to the safe running of Mercury Systems, so please periodically check (perhaps at least once per week) that the utility is running as intended.

If you have any questions about this, please call.