Friday, 20 April 2018

Credit Engineers With A Percentage Of The Job Value

With previous versions of Mercury Service Manager, if you chose to reward your engineers or pay them a commission by crediting a service job to them (within the Charging screen), you could only select a single engineer (that engineer would effectively receive 100% credit for the job). 

A recent new addition to Mercury Service Manager will now allow you to credit multiple engineers and assign a different percentage (or monetary value) to each engineer.  Look for a button called "Split...", just to the right of the original 'Credit To Engineer' drop-down field.

The 'Split...' button will open a sub-form listing all engineers assigned to the job, so if, for example, a service job for installing a gas cooker required one engineer, and one 'helper', you could now credit 75% of job to the engineer, and 25% to the 'helper'. 

A new report "Engineers Earnings Listing by Percentage Split" will show you the percentages (and monetary amounts) assigned to each engineer for jobs invoiced during a given date range.

If the new "Split..." button is currently disabled (by default), you can enable the button for specific users by enabling token "223: Enable Charging Form 'Split...' Button" within User Management.