Tuesday, 28 February 2017

New Mercury Systems / Mercury Mobile Engineer App Feature…

In the past, if you made subsequent changes to a job that had already been sent to a Mercury Mobile Engineer tablet/phone user, you had to remember to re-send the job to the engineer so that they would be kept informed of the changes (e.g. a change of visit time; client details updated; additional details added to the fault description etc.).

From Mercury Systems version 269c onwards, the system will automatically re-send jobs that have been modified. The criteria for automatic re-sending of jobs is:-

  1. Job must already have been sent to the engineer in the first instance (so you must still sent the job to the engineer initially, in the usual way)
  2. Job must not be closed or cancelled, i.e. if the job is not currently active, it will not be re-sent.
  3. Job must be booked for either the current day or a future date (i.e. jobs will not be re-sent if we are already past the visit date)

Any changes to the client details, job details, or the diary visit time on a job meeting the criteria above, will trigger a re-send event. Modified jobs will be queued for re-sending and will be transmitted to the engineer within 60 seconds of being saved.

Please contact me if you would like me to schedule a software update for you to begin using this feature (note: if you subscribe to Hatchgate’s Cloud Server, please do NOT update until you have spoken to me).

Kind regards,