Thursday, 24 March 2016

Ad-blocking Software

Ad-blocking software is not exactly new, in fact ad-blocking utilities have been around for years.  For all of these years I have avoided this type of software thinking that I can just ignore the adverts and get on with work.

But there are benefits:  In addition to making your web surfing faster, because adverts are simply not loaded meaning the pages load quicker, blocking adverts also makes it more secure since there have been many documented cases of rogue adverts introducing malware or ransomware (the 'new' big threat) onto your computer by deliberately - or accidentally - clicking on an advert.

Regardless of the browser you use, whether it's Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can search for 'adblock software' and then select a utility for your make of browser from a reputable supplier.

I use 'AdBlock Plus', which is free, works on all browsers and is easily installed by clicking on the 'install...' or 'add...' button.  AdBlock Plus allows you to choose between blocking all adverts, or only those that don't conform to strict guidelines that all advertisers must follow, in which case only 'trusted' advert providers will appear.

The above is just my personal opinion.  I am not affiliated to ad-blocking companies in any way.