Tuesday, 5 May 2015

1. Upcoming Vacation

This is a reminder that I am away on vacation at the end of Thursday 7th May and back at my desk on Monday 25th May.  I will have email and some Skype capability, however this is only for emergencies so please don’t make any major changes to your computers or network until I return.

2. Support Hours

Standard support hours (when I am not on vacation…) are from 1:30pm to 6:30pm Monday to Friday.  I may be available after 6:30pm by appointment only.  Since most customer businesses close around 6pm or earlier, I am sure you will appreciate it is not a good use of time for me to wait for an occasional phone call outside of these hours, unless it is by prior appointment.

3. Mercury Systems - Annual Software Maintenance, And What It Covers...

Occasionally I get requests for new work that customers mistakenly believe should be covered by their annual software maintenance premium.
  • So just to clarify, the annual software maintenance premium covers the following:-
  • Software updates relating to bug fixes
  • Software updates relating to new features and additions
  • Technical support (by remote connection, email and telephone) during standard support hours
  • Training / “How do I do…” questions during standard support hours
…essentially anything that relates to an issue with Mercury Systems (that is caused by Mercury Systems, and not due to other external factors), is covered by the maintenance premium.

I am also happy to assist, for an additional fee, if you have other issues with your network or computers such as:-
  • Development of new programs, utilities and data-import routines to suit your specific requirements
  • Removal of virus infections
  • Printer and printing issues
  • Router and firewall issues
  • VPN (e.g. Hamachi) / remote connection
  • Email / Internet
  • Consultancy and general advice
  • Additional custom reports
Please note that if you buy a new pc or server to replace an old machine running Mercury Systems, or if an existing pc or server operating system is damaged and everything needs re-installing, I can of course re-install Mercury Systems but be aware this is not covered by the annual software maintenance premium.  It is classed as ‘new work’ and is chargeable in most instances since it is the computer that has failed and not Mercury Systems (although you won’t need to purchase the software user license again).

If you have any queries re the above, please give me a call.