Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New minimum supported SQL database engine version…

At the end of this year (2015), Hatchgate Software will discontinue support for SQL databases that are still using the old Microsoft SQL 2005 database engine (SQL Server version 9.x).  From 2016, the minimum supported SQL engine will be SQL 2008 (SQL Server version 10.x) and above.

Only a few customers are affected – most customers are already using SQL 2008 and higher.  This notice will only affect you if you are using very old server hardware that is likely to be running Windows Server 2003 (inc. SBS version), or if you have a pc (acting as a server) and it is running Windows XP or Windows Vista.  Any servers running Windows Server 2008 or higher, and pc’s (acting as servers) running Windows 7, Windows 8 will already be using Microsoft SQL 2008 or higher.

The reason for the change is that as Microsoft release newer database engines (e.g. SQL 2012 is now available), it is becoming increasingly difficult to continue support for old versions.  You can check what version of SQL you are using by opening the SQL Server Management Studio icon (usually within the ‘Hatchgate’ folder on the desktop) on your server machine (or pc acting as a server).  On the splash screen and on the login screen, it will say ‘SQL 2005’ or ‘SQL 2008’ etc.

Please contact me if you are still unsure what version of SQL you are using, or if you want to discuss the implications of this change.