Friday, 2 November 2012

New Feature Now Available: Show/Hide Toggle For Service and Stock screens

If you suffer from the problem of having too many Mercury Service Manager and Mercury Stock Manager forms open so that the Mercury Systems desktop and tab-bar gets ‘cluttered’ with too much information, you can now use new options to temporarily hide certain groups of screens to tidy-up the desktop.  This is useful if, for example, you are working on the stock system and a service call must be booked – you can now temporarily hide the stock screens whilst logging the service call, then reveal the stock screens again to continue where you left off. 

These new options are displayed within the Mercury Systems ‘General’ tab, however they are also available as short-cut keys, described as follows:-

Use CTRL-Q to Hide Service Forms, Show Stock Forms
Use CTRL-A to Hide Stock Forms, Show Service Forms
Use CTRL-Z to Show All Hidden Forms

You can also use CTRL-S to Close All Open Forms

This feature is available in build version 146 and higher (the build number is displayed on the login screen). 

If this new feature is of interest, please contact me to arrange an update of your system.