Wednesday, 8 July 2015

A new feature to help with selecting existing clients…

As you know, when creating a new client record you are supposed to first open ‘List Clients’ and check whether the client is already contained within the database (to avoid duplicating the client).  This can take some time.

I have now added a new feature that will allow you to open the ‘New Client’ screen first, type in the client’s surname as usual, and then press return (enter).  This will open a ‘Quick-Find’ screen and automatically shortlist the matching client records.  If the client is found, simply double-click the record to load that client into the Client Details form.  If the client is not found, press escape to close the Quick-Find screen.

Hopefully this will shave a few seconds off creating a new service job or sales invoice.

This new feature will be included in the next update, which will be released towards the end of July.